Pierre Marcolini

I’d never heard of Pierre Marcolini before last week… but all this changed when I was researching the food (and chocolates) of Belgium. I came across and article which said that he was one of best chocolatiers in the world, which obviously meant I immediately put it on my “to eat” list. πŸ˜€ According to his website, his main store was in Place du Sablon… so I marked it on my map, as I already knew that I had to try his chocolates.

Imagine my delight when I went to Place du Sablon, and not only saw the Pierre Marcolini store, but also a Godiva store (one of the few stores which sold Chocolixir – their chocolate drink), and a Nehaus store. Pure bliss for a chocolate lover such as myself! Needless to say, I consumed a LOT of chocolate in the 3 days I spent in Brussels and Bruges, and this does not include the chocolates I brought back to London! (Photos to come in a later post)

Pierre Marcolini not only makes chocolates, but also a whole range of other items such as macarons, biscuits and mini-gateauxs (I doubt this is the right term to describe them). Unfortunately, photos are not allowed in his stores, so all I have are photos of the window displays…

Lighter-than-air marshmallows (on the R), and fruit cubes (on the L). I did not try the fruit cubes, but the marshmallows were delightfully light – I tried the pistachio flavoured one and it was nutty with a hint of lemon. Unfortunately they are only sold in boxes of 35, which was dissapointing as I would have bought a smaller box had it been available.

A larger version of one of his mini-gateaux cakes

The mini-gateaux cakes I bought πŸ˜€

This was my favourite of the three – a chocolate based gateaux covered in a raspberry infused ganache. I’m afraid I can’t describe this in any more detail, as this was all the information I got from the man at the store… All I can say is that it was delicious, and the colour of this does make it rather attractive!

Java – a coffee based gateaux, with a dark and milk chocolate sabayon beneath all that orangey-ness. πŸ˜› If I remember correctly, there was also a thin layer of biscuit (feuilletine perhaps?) in it which added a good contrast of textures. And again, this was very good.

Envol – dark chocolate sabayon and a layer of orange flavoured creme brulee, topped with a dark chocolate ganache. This was also good, but I found it slightly less interesting compared to the other two. Needless to say, I still enjoyed it!


I also tried his macarons as they looked too good to resist. He makes them in 5 flavours – pistachio (green), coffee (brown), vanilla (white), chocolate (red) and caramel (yellow). Having tried Pierre Herme and Laduree macarons in the past, I must say that Pierre Marcolini’s macarons are pretty good, especially the pistachio and chocolate flavoured ones. Texture wise, I found his macarons slightly on the soft side, and I must say I prefer the texture of Pierre Herme’s as there is slightly more ‘crunch’ when you bite into them. Pierre Herme also has a better range of macaron flavours.

Didn’t stop us from getting more macarons the next day though…

It took self control to stop eating the half eaten macaron so I could photograph it!

I also bought a tasting box of Marcolini chocolates, which I shall blog about in a future post as I’ve already gone slightly overboard with the photos. To those who have tasted his creations, I would be interested to know what you think of them. πŸ™‚

Pierre Marcolini
Rue des Minimes, 1
Place du Grand Sablon
1000 Bruxelles

12 thoughts on “Pierre Marcolini”

  1. Yes, my mom brought these back to me. The caramel one were my favorite but my favorite is still Laduree macarons, over any other macaron I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot, both in Europe & USA.

    1. Yupp, the caramel one was good. I think the best way (for me) to decide on which I truly like best is to do a blindfold test. πŸ˜›

  2. Marcolini chocolates are the ones Belgians fight over. They’re simply amazing. Pierre himself is very nice, and justifiably proud of his creations. He’s worked very hard for his success.

    The fruit cubes in your photo are called pate de fruit , and are the most amazing concentration of fruit flavor you can imagine. I first saw them in France, and I thought they were those nasty little gum drop things we used to get at Easter, but NO! They’re wonderful. And if you can find them covered in good chocolate, then you’re halfway to heaven.

    Also on Place de Sablon is another major Belgian chocolatier, Wittamer. They produce the chocolates for the Royal family. Next time you’re in Brussels, you should stop by there as well!

    Another amazing chocolatier is Jean-Philippe Darcis, who in a good friend of Pierre Marcolini. As with all the great chocolate houses, he has his own specialties, and is worth a visit if you’re in Belgium.

    So now you have to come back!

    1. Kate, thanks for the very informative reply. I think I did walk into Wittamer, but as I had never heard about them before (and already had a ridiculous stash of chocolates to haul back home), I decided to not get anything there. Similarly, I’ve never heard of Jean-Phillipe Darcis.

      And I don’t doubt that I’ll be back – there are still lots of things I want to try, including (now) the “pate de fruit” from Pierre Marcolini!

    1. I know! It’s strange as I normally worry about excessive food colouring when food is too bright, but I certainly didn’t have any qualms about this one…

  3. Hi,

    I’m trying to buy Pierre Marcolini chocolates for my sister for Christmas (she LOVES her chocolate and a writer in The Times of London said they were the best in the world) but they do not seem to sell their chocolates on their websites or reply to their emails!?

    Any idea or will I just order form someone like Godiva that do sell chocolates online?

    Many thanks,


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