An explanation (sort of)

I’ve been ignoring the blog for far too long, and I apologize for this. Work has been really busy, but thankfully the busy period has now passed. Blog posting will have to be put on hold for a few more days though, as I’m off to Italy for a short break. πŸ™‚

I can’t bring myself to not post a photo of food though, so here’s a photo of some raspberry cupcakes I made a few weeks ago. They turned out quite well, and I will definitely be blogging about them after I get back from my holiday.

I promise to come back with lots of photos of Italy!

13 thoughts on “An explanation (sort of)”

  1. Please do bring back more photos because Italy is a beautiful place with beautiful people! And as usual, your photos are breath-taking. I’ll save my compliments for the cupcakes when you blog about it!

    1. Aww Quinn, thank you! Italy was wonderful, and I’ve already halfway through the difficult process of choosing which photos to use for the blog. Sometimes I wish I didn’t take so many photos, haha.

    1. They were happy indeed. And now I’m un-happy to be back. Sniff. Can I be on a constant holiday?

    1. Hehe I was already back when you left that comment. A little reminder to me that I should probably blog more often…

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