Coffee & matcha “Mexican” Rotiboy buns

One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is how it opens my eyes to a whole range of foods I would never have known about otherwise. It not only introduces me to ingredients that were previously foreign to me, but also introduces me to new places to eat in. I’m not sure if I’d have discovered some of my favourite places to eat (Byrons, Pearl Liang, Koya) if not for the blogosphere. Which is why I’ve been hesitant to blog about these buns.

If you’re Malaysian, chances are that you’ll know what these are. For anyone else, you’re probably thinking what on earth “Mexican buns” are. Well, I must admit that I have no idea why these are called Mexican buns – I don’t know much about Mexican food, but I’m pretty sure these buns don’t originate from Mexico. But when the buns taste as good as they do, frankly, I don’t really mind what they’re called. They’re basically a soft and fluffy bun, with a crunchy coffee crust and a melting buttery filling. Utter perfection, especially when eaten warm.

I still remember when these Mexican buns first burst onto the bakery scene back home, and how much I used to love eating them. The most “famous” buns were sold by a company called Rotiboy (where “roti” = bread, “boy” =ย  boy), which is why these buns are also known as “Rotiboy”. This company seems to have been founded in my hometown of Bukit Mertajam, Penang. I must say I never knew this, as I didn’t know of any Rotiboy outlets in BM or Penang at the start of the Mexican bun craze. We even used to buy a whole lot of buns from KL (that’s Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia) when we were there, and would freeze them for err… times of need. And now I find out they were founded in BM?! Ah well, nevermind.

But I was talking about how I had been hesitant to blog about these. Why? Well, I learnt how to make these in a baking class. As such, I didn’t feel that it was polite to share the recipe for the buns on the blog. And so these photos sat languishing in my backlog pile, whilst I tried to decide if I wanted to blog about them sans recipe. In the end, I emailed the lady who teaches the classes, who said that I could share the recipe for these buns via email (but not on the blog as her other students might get upset!). Which I felt was a fair request.

As always, I made some minor changes to the recipe. Instead of making only the “traditional” bun with a coffee crust and buttery filling, I made some with a matcha/green tea crust and a black sesame filling. The matcha version turned out well, but I must say that my loyalty still lies with the original coffee/butter combination.

These buns are made with a “sponge and dough” method, which consists of two stages. The first stage is the making of the “sponge” which is left in the fridge to slowly ferment/rise overnight. The second stage is when the “sponge” is added to all the other ingredients = forming the “dough”. Having made bread and buns with both the normal straight dough method (which is the conventional method you see in many recipes) and the “sponge and dough” method, I find that the latter produces softer and fluffier bread. An added plus is how the bread stays softer for longer.

These buns also freeze well, and it’s always nice to have a stash in your freezer for a quick fix when a craving hits! All you need to do is to heat it up in a hot oven (I usually use 180ยฐC) for about 10 minutes until it’s heated through. Yummy buns that are freezable. See what I mean by perfection?

If you’re interested in giving these Mexican buns/Rotiboys a try, drop me an email and I’ll send the recipe to you.

You can also head towards Bee’s site Rasa Malaysia for an alternative recipe for these Mexican (Rotiboy) buns.

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  1. hi there~

    these look so delicious. thank goodness the teacher agreed to share the recipe. please send me a copy of the recipe!~

      1. i chanced upon your blog after searching for a good yam cake recipe

        i must say u r goood !!

        pls send me the mexican bun recipe esp the matcha one

        keep your deliciousness !!

  2. These sound so interesting. Yes, add me to the camp of wha-s Mexican Buns, although after reading, I get it. They look and sound delish. Love that you tried it with matcha.

  3. Eh, hello, yes!!! Me want the recipe! These buns look so interesting (and delicious) and i’ve never seen anything quite like it. And it’s great you were able to adapt it to a matcha/black sesame combo. I’m curious now.

  4. Oh yeah the Rotiboy craze was massive before. Used to be long queues in the stall in 1Utama. Went again in March when I was back in Malaysia and it was pretty deserted though although still as good as before.

    1. I know, long gone are the times where you had to queue for an hour to buy a bun. I checked out their site and it looks like they sell a very wide range of buns now!

  5. Hey….really adore those rotiboy…yummy! can i get the recipe…gotta try it for my kids…

  6. Yeah.. rotiboy!! I heard so much about it when I lived in KL. In fact, the store was so popular (the one in KLCC)… everyone seemed to just went and grabbed some mexican buns!

  7. Read your blog about the Rotiboy. I am very excited and looking forward to have a go and enjoy–yum2.
    Welcome any other recipes.

  8. Bread et Butter this is a very interesting recipe. I would love to have it. Also I love your site.

  9. Oh I was one of the diehard Rotiboy fans who would queue an hour for one! Would greatly appreciate it if you could email me the recipe as well. ps great blog!

  10. Hi Su-yin! First time stumbling upon your blog and am loving it!!
    I adore these Rotiboys much. Would really like to try my hands baking them and would appreciate it if you could share the recipe with me. =)

  11. Hi there,

    Oh, those Mexican buns are just to die for!…I’m a major food lover devoting all my time baking and eating, and I’d love to try this one out at home! Please please share the recipe with me, and it would be greatly greatly appreciated!
    And maybe you want to check my food blog out…might find something you like there=)

    Thanks a billion!!


  12. They look yummmm!!
    We call it “Papparoti” here in Dubai.
    But it’s more or less the same as rotiboy!
    I would love to have the recipe!
    Thanks in advance! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  14. Wow! These buns look really great!!! And they look really soft and light! I want to make my own coffee bun too! Can you please send me the recipe as well? Thank you very much!!!:)

  15. I’ve tried it today and it is really delicious. I really want to bake it anyway. Would you like to share me the recipe? Thank you.

  16. Thank you for offering to give out the recipe for these buns they are delicious.

    Please send me the recipe.


  17. I would love to make these buns for my wife! Can you please send me the recipe?


  18. These sound amazing! Especially the matcha and black sesameserb version! could you please send me the recipe? Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I would love if you share d recipe with me, if you dont mind please. like the rotiboy bun so much, i finish 4 pcs in one sitting all the time.

  20. Hi..stumbled upon your blog and love it. I looove rotiboy too and if its ok, could you please email me the recipe. Would love to try them at home. Thks!

  21. I had the 1st time of PappaRoti in Sydney and I really love this bun and would like to make for my kids, family and friends….I am so appreciated if ur kindness to give me its recipe of this bun. After making, I will let u know about its result.

  22. Please send me the recipe.
    Tasted them in Malaysia and they are great, just need to get my hands on the recipe so I can have them at home.

  23. Hi! These look so interesting and I’ve never seen anything like them before! Would be keen to have a go at making them so I can have a taste, if it’s not too much trouble could you please send me the recipe?

  24. Hello,
    I like the taste of the bun and mostly I like the smell of freshly baked bun. I eat it at PappaRoti and I like to bake it myself. It will be great if you can provide me with the recipe.

    Thank you.

  25. Hi, those bun looks awesome, especially the macha. Would you kindly send me the recipe of the lovely mexican bun please.
    p/s. Your website is awesome!

  26. hi!

    I chanced upon this because I am a huge matcha lover and I am looking for new projects to try out!

    It would be wonderful if you can share the recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks in advance! x

  27. Hello,

    I have been looking for this recipe all over!! and im absolutely crazy about these buns!

    would love it if you could please send the recipe! ๐Ÿ™‚ (

    thank you so much for sharing !

    take care.

  28. Hi there! I desperately need this recipe. I’ve tried a recipe I found on a different blog and they came out like fake food. Meaning, they looked great on the outside, but can only be used as a paperweight! Blech! I need redemption, my family and I were greatly disappointed. :*( Can you please share your recipe with me?

    Thanks in advance,

  29. .I’ve been looking for this recipe so long as all my mom and cousins love these buns! And myself too, I’m absolutely love these buns, soft and fluffy inside with a crunchy coffee topping. Perfect!

    May I have the recipe too please!! Here is my email :

    It would be very kind of you ^^~ Thank you so much in advance !!

  30. I last had this coffee bun 5 years ago in Malaysia.
    Could you send me a copy of the recipe, please?
    Trying them at home.
    Thanks in advance

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  32. Great Food Blog!
    Please e-mail me a recipe of the original coffee/butter Rotiboy.
    Would be so fufilling to finally bake my own favourite buns instead of only having it whenever I’m near an outlet ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.
    My e-mail is

    Amy Nat

  33. Hi I stumbled on your blog when I was searching for this recipe. Your version looked really good! Could you please please please send me this recipe so I can try it at home?

    Thank you so much!!

  34. Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for what are Mexican coffee buns. May I please get a copy of the recipe? thank you!

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