Pierre Hermé macarons

Macarons have taken the world by storm in the recent years, and I can understand why. These little babies are not only beautiful to look at, but are also a delight to eat. Biting into their crispy exterior gives way to a delicately soft and sweet shell, followed a decadently smooth ganache or buttercream. How could one resist?

Macaron shells are suppposed to be completely flat (dome like shells are frowned upon), and should have a lovely “rim” along the bottoms, or “feet” as they are more commonly called. Now, you may think these little morsels of delight are easy to make, but boy they aren’t. I personally haven’t tried making them before, but lots of bloggers out there have – and they will tell you that macarons are VERY temperamental, and one can never assume that they will turn out right. I can only assume that this is why macarons are so expensive, but when they taste as good as they do… I am willing to pay for them.

This brings me on to the macarons of Pierre Hermé. They do not come cheap, but boy they are worth it. This man is a total genius when it comes to macarons, and I truly believe he makes some of the best macarons available today. I’ve tried macarons from Ladureé as well, but I prefer Pierre Hermé. So imagine my pure delight when I found out (through the twitter grapevine) that he was opening a store/counter in Selfridges! I made a note of the date, but didn’t actually make my way to Selfridges till last week – and was reminded of why I love Pierre Hermé so.

Now, although I have a huge backlog of posts, I decided to post this as it is Macaron Day today (20 March). What’s that you say? Well, Macaron Day (Jour du Macaron) was created by Pierre Hermé and the other members of L’association Relais Desserts (of which Pierre Hermé is joint-vice president). The purpose of Jour du Macaron is to raise awareness (and money) for charity. On this day, you can visit any of the participating pastry stores (including all the Pierre Hermé botiques) in Paris (not in London unfortunately), and get yourself some free macarons. Yup, free. Donation boxes are set up in each store for optional donations to the charity of choice for that year (I believe it is l’Alliance des Maladies Rares this year, but correct me if I’m wrong).

On the day I went to pay a visit to the Selfridges store, they had 12 different macarons on offer. Which is why I chose to get the a box of 12 macarons, as it meant I did not have to decide which flavours to get/not get. (Have I ever mentioned that I take ridiculously long to decide on such matters?) It was possible to buy them loose (it’s slightly cheaper to buy them this way at £1.70 each), but I felt that it was safer to buy them in a box. I’m not the most dainty person around, and if I had brought them back in a flimsy plastic bag, goodness knows what would have happened to them. (Oh, and I still managed to crush a few of them as evidenced by the photos even with this box.) 😛

I didn’t take any photos of the store/counter, but if you want to know what it looks like do check out this post from Pig Pig’s Corner on Pierre Hermé’s Selfridges counter.

From the top: Magnifique (strawberry & wasabi), Infiniment caramel (salted butter caramel cream), Coing rose (rose & quince). I really liked the salted butter caramel cream one, as the sweet and salty notes complemented each other perfectly. And although it seems strange to pair strawberry with wasabi, it actually worked pretty well (partly because the wasabi flavour wasn’t too strong).

From the top: Mogador (milk chocolate & passion fruit), Rose (rose & rose petal), Medelice (lemon & hazelnut praline). I’ve always liked the combination of passionfruit and passionfruit, and this macaron was no exception. Sheer brilliance.

From the top: Mosaic (pistachio, griottines & cinnamon), Citron (lemon), Chuao (Chuao dark chocolate, blackcurrant & blackcurrant berries). Whilst the Mosaic was by far the most attractive of the three, the Chuao trumped it when it came to taste. The blackcurrants went remarkably well with the chocolate, and is now one of my favourite macaron flavours (until Pierre Hermé comes up with more flavours to blow me away of course).

From the top: Pistache (pistachio), Chocolat (Venezuala Porcelana dark chocolate), Fragola (strawberry & balsamic vinegar). These were all good, but weren’t as spectacular as some of the others.

One thing to note though – after writing this post, I realised that I didn’t actually get the 12 flavours on offer that day. The displays showed the Arabesque (apricot, pistachio & pistachio praline), but I did not have this in my box. I go the the Magnifique (strawberry & wasabi) in it’s place. Now I’m not complaining because I still got my 12 macarons, but oh my it made matching the names to macarons quite confusing. I could have gone without naming them, but the OCD in me could not allow that to happen. 😀

I managed to make these macarons last 2 days (I am quite happy that I managed to refrain from scoffing them all down in one sitting), and those were very good days. I’ll be going back soon, as I’m very keen to try his olive oil & vanilla macaron – I hear it’s amazing.

p.s Pierre Hermé will be opening an actual store in Knightsbridge this year, and I for one cannot wait! 🙂

Pierre Hermé, London
Foodhall, Ground Floor, Selfridges
400 Oxford Street

42 thoughts on “Pierre Hermé macarons”

  1. Oh, look at those macs!! So tempting! Lucky you! I don’t think I’ll ever get to try Monsieur Hermé’s macs unless I travel to Paris, London, New York City or Tokyo!

    Thanks for sharing! I’m still very much intrigued by his Ispahan.

    1. Likewise, I’ve yet to try the Ispahan. Hopefully I’ll rectify this when his store opens in London, otherwise I’ll have to make my way to Paris. 😛

      Try Tokyo perhaps? You’ll not only have macarons, but amazing Japanese food as well…

  2. Oooh I squealed when I opened up this page and saw the gorgeous blue box of macarons (and yes buying in a pretty box only adds to the experience). My favourites were the apricot macaron and the jasmine macaron. Exquisite! 😀

    1. I completely agree – also I tend to keep the aforementioned pretty boxes. 🙂 I haven’t had the chance to try the jasmine macaron, though it was in the little information booklet – an excuse to go back soon!

  3. My my my! Did you take a notebook to write down all the flavours?! I popped into the PH counter on my way home from having lunch with Mowie last month and did the silly thing of buying 4 macs in a bag. Dead right you are, boxes way more sensible as that little strawberry and wasabi number disintegrated in the bag before I’d even made it onto the tube. Where I ate 3 of them. I waved the fourth one at my husband and said “you wouldn’t like this” and then ate that one too. I felt bit sick but it was worth it.

    I also had the passionfruit one, matcha and one with cassis in it. Even though I only had four I couldn’t remember the exact names for them.

    I didn’t know that domes were frowned upon – here’s me thinking I wish I could get them more domed and now I know it’s not necessary!

    1. Lol. I took photos of the labels/macarons in the store with my phone. Still took me a fair bit of time to figure out which was which though, as the colours on the phone photos aren’t brilliant.

      Love how you waved the last one in front of your husband then ate it, hehe. I shared mine with R, he’s not a fan of sweet things but makes exceptions for Pierre Herme (and Ottolenghi) 😛

  4. Oh wow! I am yet to try Pierre Herme’s Macarons. Have they always stocked them in Selfridges? I have tried making macarons, just 4 ingredients – so incredibly hard to get them right! Thanks for a drool worthy post! 🙂

    1. They only started selling them in Selfridges in February, so it’s only been a month or so actually.

      I haven’t tried to make macarons yet, but I can imagine that it’s very hard to get them right. I will take the plunge one day 🙂

    1. I’m so jealous! 😛 Thanks for your link, it was a great read (although I had to translate it, hehe). Maybe I need to go to Paris this time next year…

  5. Thanks for linking us in.

    Yeah I wouldn’t advise just buying them in the plastic bag unless you’re absolutely sure it won’t get crushed in your handbag, as happened to our last purchase.

    You didn’t get to try the matcha & sesame???

    1. Nope! 😦 All the more reason to go back, hehe.

      If I ever bought them without a box, I think I’d just have to eat them on the spot whilst they were still in one piece. 😀

  6. Beautiful! I have just received my copy of Macaron by Hermé and can’t wait to try some of his recipes out. Have never tried the technique he uses – have been working away to master the recipes with no sugar syrup in the egg whites… Took me FIVE batches to get them right for Mactweets this time around! So jealous that you can get Hermé macarons whenever you want…

    1. Oh wow, bravo to you for persevering with the macs – and I’m glad you managed to master your recipe! I have yet to attempt macarons…

  7. Salted caramel is my favourite too! But yes they are all brilliant. Even though it’s crazy expensive I agree that they’re worth it, and a fabulous treat once in a while 😀

    1. My thoughts exactly. Plus as they make you feel so happy & fulfilled they MUST be something we’re allowed to splurge on. 😉

    1. Thanks Anh! To be honest, I wish I could have some more now… 😛 (but don’t worry I won’t, not for a while anyway)

    1. You can justify it by telling yourself you deserve it after the adventures of the previous week. 🙂

    1. This man is such a genius, how he makes something so simple look (and taste!) so good I have no idea.

  8. Awesome photography Su-Yin! Just got back from Paris a couple weekends ago and this macaroon post is already making me want to go back! Had a great raspberry one at a random market patisisserie on Rue Cler when we were there.

    1. Thanks Guan! I’m very jealous of your trip to Paris, I need to get myself over there very soon! 😛

    1. It does… who would have thought? And I’m very glad it doesn’t shoot up your nose like regular wasabi!

  9. I try to slowly savor really yummy food as long as possible. I once got a box of expensive chocolates for my birthday and it took me 2 weeks to get through 12 morsels. I get the feeling if I got these beautiful macarons, I would do the same thing.

    1. I managed to make them last 2 days… (they tend to get “soft” if you leave them for too long). I’m the same though, I tend to try to eat nice things slowly so they last longer. 🙂

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