Ham and tuna buns

Bread making is something I have attempted in the past, but the results always dissapointed me (which is why I have not attempted making bread/buns in a while!). However, I had the opportunity to visit Aunty Yochana when I was last in Singapore, who taught me how to make these buns – which turned out really well. This was of course, all done under her watchful eye. Attempting these on my own (6 months down the line) was rather scary, and I must admit to having the random bout of palpitations whilst wondering if things would turn out well.

Waiting for the scaled dough to double in size

All ready to be popped into the oven

All the waiting involved was certainly tedious, but it was worth it when the house was filled with the smell of freshly baked buns. I was happy with the texture of the buns, but I definitely need to work more on shaping the buns as no two buns looked the same! That said, I’m glad the buns turned out reasonably well, and I’ll be looking to improve on presentation next time!

11 thoughts on “Ham and tuna buns”

  1. I think they look great, and must have tasted very delicious too! I also love the smell of freshly baked buns, still warm from the oven.

  2. WOW! you’re also good in cooking too? just like your mom- pretty, intelligent. only 2nd day of fasting, can imagine the smell of freshly bake buns… will have buns for breakfast today.

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